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On Librarians for Literacy we love starting conversations, so what do you think?  Let’s start a conversation by explaining our responses in the comments!

Who Do You Think Should Be Primarily Responsible for a Child’s Literacy
The child’s parent or primary caregiver
The child’s teacher
The child’s school or public librarian
All of the above
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2 thoughts on “Current Poll

  1. I would say a child’s parent are responsible for literacy. I was raised by a single mom and we went to the library every Saturday. Books were a part of our everyday life. I think teachers, librarians, and other individuals can be supportive, but the real love of literacy develops in a parent’s lap or snuggling at night doing a read-aloud. That being said, when a child does not get that love of literacy at home, I think teachers and librarians can be substitute in that role.

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  2. I appreciate JK’s thoughts above. Parents are powerful teachers of their children. Barring the availability of parents as such, teachers and TLs can provide effective teaching and guidance to our children, as can other members of the larger community, the village, such as family relatives, neighbors and so on. Thus the importance of an information literate citizenry for the growth and development of our youth. This is our collective work.

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